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GINAF is well known in the Netherlands for its strong, heavy-duty and robust construction site vehicles. Recently GINAF has shifted its focus to the mining industry worldwide by introducing the Heavy Duty vehicle serie (HD). After eighteen months of marketing efforts and ongoing product development, GINAF and the Brazilian distributor – DCML is now reaping the rewards. An order for ten HD5395TS vehicles has come through! The order for vehicles with a 70-ton load capacity came from VALE one of the world’s largest mining companies. They will be going to a mine site in western Brazil. The vehicle fleet is planned to be operational in the first quarter of 2015.

HD5380T Operation in China

Mining is dominated by large, heavy vehicles, but GINAF’s trucks are bucking the trend. The HD vehicles are in fact relatively light by mining standards, but they have the same load capacity as larger, heavier vehicles. Or better. In addition, smaller engines are used, making the fuel consumption of each vehicle extremely efficient, certainly in comparison to the established players.

“GINAF’s philosophy is based on four points,” says Edgar Ooijman, Vice-President of Mining. “Effectiveness, productivity, safety and sustainability. So the sales process isn’t about sales in the short term: it’s about entering long-term partnerships. A strong relationship, in which total customer care (i.e. everything from vehicle development to complete after-market support) provides a stable foundation.”

Effectiveness: before recommendations are made about the trucks, an analysis that looks at the route profile and the interaction with other equipment in the mine is performed. This analysis means that the right vehicle can be offered for existing or new work and the associated logistics. There are six different basic types, which can then be optimised for a specific application. The underlying principle here is that the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is kept low.

Productivity: an in-depth analysis of the mining process underpins our efforts to make all aspects of the truck as productive as possible and arrange the maintenance work to suit. “The productivity of a vehicle isn’t only determined by a high load capacity,” explains Mr Ooijman. “The availability figure is crucial as well. That lets us keep the TCO as low as possible.”

Safety: despite the fact the GINAF HD trucks have the same load capacity as the current construction machines, they are  on average 40% narrower and 20% lower. And above all, the unloaded weight is almost 50% less. The relatively small dimensions make the trucks easier to monitor and therefore safer. In addition, the trucks contain numerous safety systems as standard, such as speed limiters (loaded, unloaded and overloaded), stabilisation systems (static for tipping and dynamic for driving), integrated safety procedures during tipping, load indicator lights for external operators, and so forth.

Sustainability: this aspect focuses not only on the trucks themselves (e.g. with Euro 3, 5, Tier 3, Tier 4i or Tier 4 Final engines) but also on the after-market. Revision can sometimes be just as effective as complete replacement, but saves on materials, transport and of course ultimately on the costs.

Mr Ooijman finishes by adding, “We at GINAF are ready to take on any challenge and we’re always happy to discuss things!”

Download the vehicle specifications for the GINAF HD5380T and GINAF HD5395TS by the link untherneeth. 

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