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TAM - Durabus to Receive Financial Support



The government has given consent to the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism for financial support to the company TAM – Durabus.

The Maribor-based company, which is set to receive 3,3 million euros, is a former Tovarna vozil Maribor (TAM) company and has a perspective production program with a staggering number of employees.

Two years after TAM went banqrupt, the first brand new Durabus bus was produced in the company's facilities in July. Durabus bought the machinery, as well as, the stack of unfinished buses, for 800,000 euros.

The company's restart included investments from China, the Netherlands and Austria, and the know-how from Slovenia.

The approved financial support is aimed to boost the production of new lines of electric buses charged with wireless unduction for city centres and airports. The project is worth 15 million euros, and is set to be completed until summer 2016.

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